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NutriSurface Indiegogo Crowd Funding Compaign

Thank you for your welcoming support to our NutriSurface project. We are working hard to get our crowd funding project setup at Indiegogo to help commercialize the NutriSurface Coaster and Chop Size Smart Food Scale. Please sign up the mailing list or like our NutriSurface Fan Page so receive the latest updates. Thank you!

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Introducing NutriSurfaceTM, a simple nutrition tracking solution, that helps people lead a better life style with healthy eating.

 How are people planning to use NutriSurfaceTM?

Sports Nutrition:
Optimize your athletic performance with the NutriSurfaceTM Chopping Board by ensuring adequate carbohydrate and calorie intake.  Use the nutritional data to adjust your calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate goals.  Gain weight healthfully by tracking and boosting calories consumed.

Healthy Hydration:
The NutriSurfaceTM coaster disk can help monitor daily fluid consumption to maintain healthy hydration.  Some health conditions require extra fluid intake, while others restrict fluid allowance.  Easily track your fluid intake to meet your recommended goals.

Adults and Children with Diabetes:
Make following your meal plan easier with the NutriSurfaceTM   chopping board.  Tighten up the accuracy of carbohydrate counting by monitoring portion sizes of foods being prepared.  Reduce food waste by cooking a targeted portion size.

Food Service Industry:
Use NutriSurfaceTM Chopping Board to create a nutrition facts panel for menu items to meet state and regulatory agency requirements.  The NutriSurface chopping board is waterproof and can be cleaned and sanitized.  Menu analysis will be both easy and accurate with this new technology.

Dining-out in Restaurants:
Use the portable NutriSurfaceTM coaster disk to monitor portion control and track intake while dining-out at restaurants.  Avoiding portion distortion can help with weight management, meal planning for diabetes and more.


Will there be API to receive data from the scale for thrid party Developers?

Yes, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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