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Bluetooth Kitchen Scale

Calorie Counting is now a simple process using ReFleX's Wireless (Bluetooth) Smart Food Scale.

Free Banner Ad Space in NutriPlus - Trial

To celebrate the release of NutriPlus - Trial, we are giving you the opportunity to advertize your products/services via the H320xV50 banner space in the NutriPlus - Trial for 60 days free. The term is very simple, you get to advertize your banner in the NutriPlus - Trial for 60 continuous days starting from August 1st, 2012. There are two ways to participate in this program:

1. Provide us your banner and http link where you would like the web traffic to be redirected. As illustrated below:

NutriPlus - Sweet Control

Wondering how the food will impact your blood sugar? Getting tired of doing the insulin calculations? NutriPlus Sweet Control will do blood impact accessment and all the insulin calculations for you, so you can spend more time choosing what you would like to eat next.

NutriPlus - Trial

Are you ready for test drive of the NutriPlus - Lite? This trial version of NutriPlus - Lite will allow you to test drive all its functionalities without needing a ReFleX NutriScale. Cheers^^

Available for download on Google Play.

NutriPlus - NFT Builder

NutriPlus - Lite

Introduction to NutriPlus - Lite

The NutriPlus app will give you the ability to track your food intake with only a few touches on your smart phone.

App Preview:

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